RITA REWARDS Online Loyalty Program

At Rita Hazan we think of you as Family,
and with Family comes Loyalty... and

Ways to Earn

Sign Up

100 Rita Rewards

Make a Purchase

4 Rewards Points for every $1 spent

Fulfill a Review Request

50 Rita Rewards

Celebrate a Birthday

200 Rita Rewards

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25 Rita Rewards

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Rita Rewards is our way of saying "Thank you for being a loyal customer, and being part of our family."

With Rita Rewards, every time you make a purchase while logged in to your account, you'll earn points you can redeem for money off your next order or free full-size products. The more you purchase, the more points you'll earn.

We hope that the discounts and free products that you will earn as a member of the Rita Rewards loyalty program, will express just how much we truly appreciate you!

Click. Join. Log In. Shop. Interact. Earn Points. Get Stuff.

CLICK on the RITA REWARDS button in the lower right corner of any page.

JOIN to become a RITA REWARDS Member.

LOG IN every time you SHOP on RitaHazan.com. 

INTERACT with Rita Hazan on social media. 

EARN POINTS for purchases and other actions.

GET FREE STUFF when you redeem your points.

Please Note: You must be logged in to earn points on purchases.

Because everyone loves FREE things!

You love getting gifts, and we love giving them.

By becoming a Rita Rewards member, you can earn points for all your purchases (must be a member and logged in at time of purchase). These points can be saved and redeemed for discounts and free products. Voila! Free Stuff!

No, you'll only earn points after you join, and when logged in to your account.

You can not earn points retroactively on purchases made before joining the Rita Rewards program, when not logged in to your account, or before the program's official launch date of September 26th, 2020.

Disclaimer: All rewards are subject to availability and may be changed at any time.Please note that points are only rewarded for orders placed after joining the program, and while logged in to your account.